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Once we have the diagnosis of your case, we will choose the most appropriate treatment plan to solve it. Sometimes we will decide between different options.

Nuestros tratamientos

Child Treatment

Orthodontists treat malocclusions and also monitor the eruption of permanent teeth to simplify future orthodontics. Ideally, the first visit to the orthodontist should be between 6 and 7 years of age. Some children require a first treatment sometime between the ages of 6 and 10.

Adolescents Treatment

It is performed when all the permanent teeth are in the mouth. Today we have different anchoring mechanisms that allow us to improve treatment times. Sometimes it is done as a single treatment and sometimes as a second stage.

Adult Treatment

Orthodontics in adults has a functional and aesthetic goal. It can be done at any age.


Technological advances have allowed the development of aligner systems that, through progressive tooth movements, allow tooth movement. We obtain the three-dimensional computational models with our Itero scanner.

metallic and aesthetic appliances

Fixed self-ligating appliances can be made of metal or porcelain. We will recommend the most appropriate option depending on the case. There are cost differences between them.

Fixed self-ligating appliances

They are the "Gold Standard" in fixed appliances. Their activation system reduces friction decreasing treatment time. The use of less elements allows a better hygiene management.

sleep disorders (snoring and apnea)

Los ronquidos y apneas (sensaciones nocturnas de ahogo) pueden estar relacionadas con la anatomía máxilofacial y la posición dentaria. Ésta es un área multidisciplinaria donde la ortodoncia cumple
un rol fundamental.

Joint treatments

La articulación temporomandibular relaciona la mandíbula con el cráneo. Cumple un rol en la función mandibular. El bruxismo y los dolores de cabeza pueden estar relacionados con malposiciones dentarias que afectan
la articulación.

Multidisciplinary treatments

Some treatments are solved with the participation of dentists with different specialties. According to the diagnosis of the case, we can recommendation and coordinate other dentists in order to achieve the best result.

Treatments orthodontic-surgical

Some dental malposition problems have a bone component. This means that the solution needs Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery to solve the bite problem.

Cases and Testimonials

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