Take permanent care of your orthodontic appliances to avoid emergencies. In this section we help you distinguish between immediate and relative emergencies. We give you some guidelines so that you can solve some emergencies by yourself. We are always available to help you clarify doubts with emergency management. Get used to checking your braces. You will be able to distinguish between emergencies that can be solved remotely or in person.

Immediate emergencies

Situations that generate discomfort and pain. They require a visit during the same day.

Relative emergencies

They do not cause pain and, therefore, there is more time to plan their correction.

What can I do if something pokes?

Use relief wax and schedule a visit.

Help yourself with a pencil eraser.

If you are going to cut something, use a cuticle cutter.

Do not use hardware items. If you use force you can loosen or distort something and do more damage.

If the wire behind the molars bothers you,
slide the arch to the opposite side.

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If the wire comes out of the tube,
try to place it back with tweezers